Co-designed with Japan - Smart IC (dimming 5%~100%) LED lighting

We assemble and co-design our LED products with a Japanese company based on our group construction company's extensive public construction experience. (Grade A: 44 million USD under construction on 2015) Our LED lightings are used in Taipei’s children amusement park, bridges, sport center, and schools.  


Smart IC (dimming) LED lighting (OEM / ODM): 

  Co-designed with Japanese company.

  Panasonic green partner, ISO 9001, 14001 certificated assembly line in Taiwan.

     Or the products can be assembly in China or in customer’s manufactory.

   DOB design: IC driver (45K hours lifetime) replaces external power driver

     (the cost of 100W power supply (MIT) for street light is around USD33/pc)   

     (8K~20K hours lifetime): Saving product cost, setting time and maintenance cost.

  High power Factor (PF) > 0.95~0.99 of finished products.

  Use LM-80 led chip of different brand name to fulfill different client's inquiry.

  High lumen efficacy > 95~165 lm/W of finished products.  

  Failure Rate of 3-year warranty products:

     0.04% of Highbay light; 0% of Floodlight and Ceiling light. 

  Tube shell designed in Japanese NANO tech., with better strength and heat dissipation.

  Lower chip failure rate and limited light decay. 2 ~ 5 years warranty.

  Components in module: easy installation, repair, and maintenance.

  All products can be customized for clients inquiry.  


   Interested in building your own assembly line? Come to speak with us!


**IP67~8 Light parts **


  Janspese-design PCBA of DOB (driver on board ) LED lighting and with heatsink was put in water without  lighting housing at Lab to test IP68 on June 1, 2017; it still illuminates up till today.

 Please feel free to contact us for any other spec. for your facilities and inquiries.