Plastic Sheet of HiPS and ABS

     Through vacuum forming or thermal forming process, our wide-ranging HiPS/ABS sheets will become the conductive/antistatic tray or embossed carrier tape to pack & protect the electronic components from damage during the manufacturing process or transportation.
Spec of HiPS and ABS sheets: 
Item No. Description & Feature Layer Surface Resistivity
品番 スペック 表面対抗率
CS1701C1 Conductive Sheet 3 103-105
AH0301C5 Antistatic Sheet 3 108-109
AH0402C5 Black Long-Lasting Antistatic Sheet 3 108-109
NQ0609B3 Normal Clear PS 2  
SH-F02W3 White antistatic Sheet 1 109-1012
SH-F07BM Black antistatic Sheet 1 109-1012
   Maximun Width(幅の最大限):1M
  Range of Thickness(厚さ):0.25-2.0mm
   Length up to customer's demand(長さはお客様の希望通り)
Conductive sheet
 Conductivity is Excellent & Long Lasting.
 The conductivity will be not affected by the environment moisture
Short-term Antistatic sheet
As for the short-term antistatic PS Sheet, the surfactant is compound with plastic, so the antistatic function can maintain 0.5~1 year much longer than the sheets coating surfactant on sheet’s surface only. 
Long-lasting Antistatic sheet
 Antistatic Function will last 10 years+.
 No contamination caused by powder or dust.
  Colorable,but the bright colors are not suitable
 Antistatic efficiency will not be affected by moisture
Key customers:
Mitsui(JP), Panasonic, Garmin, plastic sheet distrabutors at Taiwan
Key Product Application of blister (clamshell), inner case
 The electronic products
  the parts of the electric household appliances
 sports goods
 medicines pots
Key product application of Tray
 Passive Component
 DRAM Module
 Digital Lens
 Consumer Electronic Products
  Small / Middle size of Panel