LFPO BMS Battery

BMS-Battery (13.2V30Ah)

 Combine MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracer) function into BMS to save

       an external PV charger (a typical MPPT to charge for battery).

 Combine all the DC-DC function into BMS to save an external converter

       for supply LED a steady output current and voltage.


Battery (BMS-Battery Management System Included)

Standard Voltage


Battery Capacity

30Ah @0.05C discharge rate (constant 1.5A to discharge)

Storage Temperature Range

0 ~45

Storage Humidity Range

15~90% R.H

Internal Resistance

Battery module < 50mΩ

Battery Cell Balancing


Over-charge /

Yes (built-in the battery module)

Over-discharge Control


a) Charging*


External Charge Source from PV or Charger

Charging voltage ≥ 15.0V

Max. Charging Current

< 5A


Starting to charge when PV or charger be connected outside, and cut-off automatically when battery is full charged.

Charging Temperature Range

0 ~45

Charging Humidity Range

0~85% R.H

b) Discharging



LED only


Energy saving and battery voltage control smoothly.

Discharge current

< 3A (settable constant current), 1A default.

Cut-off voltage

When voltage is under than 12V, dimming would be started automatically to extend using time.


Cut-off when voltage is 11.0V.

Discharging Temperature Range

0 ~60

Discharging Humidity Range

0~85% R.H

c) LED Specifications (Recommend)


LED Driving Current

1.0A (LED current is settable.)

LED Operation Voltage

11V~13V (recommend)

LED Turn ON /

Daylight/Night detection.

Turn OFF (Built-in)

LED turn OFF and turn ON automatically.

LED Driver

Built-in (External driver is not necessary.)

d) Dimension & Weight


Dimension (mm)

W236 × D127 × H230


See figure 2.1


6.0 kg ±0.2 kg

Housing Material