High-tech. Permeable Green Building Material


   MORIEI high-tech resin is developed by a Japanese company. This high performance and highly functional resin, made of Japanese functional fibers and the most cutting-edge resin, is produced with a special method to ensure its durability, chemical resistance, water resistance and high strength. It can be made into environment-friendly pavement and is applicable to any aggregates, including recycled aggregates.


Advantages of MORIEI high-tech fiber resin:

  Japanese cutting-edge functional fiber

     - allowing direct use on macadam roadbase.

     - 30mm-MORIEI resin road surface can sustain a 2-ton vehicle 

     - 50mm-MORIEI resin road surface can sustain a 20-ton vehicle 


  Creating Porous surfaces

     - water immediately drained through the pavement (keep shoes and feet dry)

     - sound absorbing (keep the environment quiet)

     - excellent water retention (keep summer cool)

 Used with fine aggregate

     - prevent weed germination and growth


Why choosing MORIEI high-tech resin :

MORIEI resin has been used in many significant constructions for more than ten years in Japan. It was also used in the Expo 2010 Shanghai. 


Applicable aggregates :

Stones, shells, plastic, glass, bricks, rice husks, glass beads, wood chips, slag ashes and any recycled materials. 


Pedestrian trail; Park Trail; Lane; Water Permeable Ditch Cover, Water Permeable Curb preventing.

Slip-prevention on metal materials steel, stainless, aluminum utilized on manhole covers, stairs, deck, lining plate, etc.