Company information


  Cus tomer BaseTaiwan, Japan, The United Kingdom.

  CustomersPanasonic, Garmin, Trancent, 7-11....and so on.

  Headquarter: New Taipei City, Taiwan 

  Panasonic Green Partner 

  D&B D-U-N-S Registered  Certificate.

  Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001




Group Company

  Dongshan construction Co., Ltd.(Grade A)  

      Public Construction Works around 100 million USD in 2014:  

      Taipei Children's Amusement Park, bridge, Bank, School, sport center, police office.

  Fu Fong Electronic Co., Ltd.(Grade A)

  Acery Tech Co., Ltd.

  Acery International LLC.


 Business Line

  A assembly manufactory, planner and construction contractor of LED lighting

  A planner and construction contractor of Energy Management

  Act as a sales agent to develop Taiwan and worldwide market 



  Dimming IC LED lighting and IC LED lighting (Co-develop with Japanese company)

  LED lighting programming with DMX controller   

  Indoor and outdoor lightings

  Power supply (LED driver) 

  Plastic sheet of HiPS, blister, clamshell, tray and food container  

 Japanese steel scrap :H1, Shindachi, Shredded 210/211, HS


LED lighting show with DMX controller programming 

 Taipei Children's Amusement Park 


 Sunshine Skyway Bridge with The National Golden Award for Architecture